Android Without Google Part 2 - Alternatives to Google Drive, Mail, Hangouts/Allo/Duo

In this article you'll find alternatives to Google Drive, GMail (both Client and Service), Hanouts/Allo/Duo!

Android without Google

All the posts of this series is available here - Android without Google!

GMail - The worst service you use!

Click here for Client Alternative.

Did you know that Google scans all your mails for Spam? Well, that is okay but it goes further more. It scans your mails to build your advertising profile. Yes, all your mails is being scanned by bots and they build your advertising profile out of that. Now, this is a serious issue. Why will we want someone to read our mails? Whether it is a bot or a human.

All providers that you will find here operate outside US and use SSL. Still, never trust your provider always encrypt it yourself.

Proton Mail

Probably you would have heard of this service, if you were already looking for Private E-Mail Provider. They rank the highest for search results like encrypted email and private email provider.

It is since 2013, they also have an onion url. Their service is hosted in Switzerland and provide you with 500 MB of Mailbox for free. They also have a Premium Plan and a VPN Service which we will discuss later. This is the best you can get for free!


This is the second service which I’d recommend you to chose. It is up and running since 2011. Their service is hosted in Germany and provide you with 1GB of Free Mailbox.

They have a pretty solid encryption and assure you that your mails will be private, even to someone who doesn’t use Tutanota. If you mail some other user then you’ll have to decide a password and that user will have to type that in order to read the Mail.

They are serious about your Privacy!


If you’re using google then you are going to miss its ecosystem. Disroot does the same, you get Cloud Service, Email and many other services for free.

Disroot is a project based in Amsterdam, it is maintained by volunteers and depends on the support of its community. They are since 2015 and their service is hosted in Netherlands and provide you with 4GB of storage which is synced with Drive and all other Services.

The best is that they are powered by NextCloud, so you can trust them. It’s completely open-source.


Remember we talked about Startpage? StartMail is a Mail service provided by their founders.Here’s what their CEO, Robert Beens has to say about StartMail: >StartMail is built by the people behind StartPage and Ixquick, the world’s most private search engines. As early as 2005 we recognized privacy as a fundamental human right. We turned out to be ahead of our time. Over the next decade, revelation after revelation showed how much our online privacy had come under attack.

In response, we built more and more defenses into our search engines to protect our users. People now use StartPage and Ixquick to find information millions of times per day, without being tracked or profiled.

They are based in Netherlands and Europe where Privacy is really strict, so you can trust them. However it is a paid service starting from $59.95 for 10GB of Space for a year. You can also sign up for 7 Day free trail! > Prices as of January 2018, changed..? Update it or comment below!

E-Mail Client to use for Android

Leaving GMail? Using their client will be more foolish thing someone can do! Proton Mail and Tutanota have their own E-mail Client that you’ll have to use because their data in encrypted right before going to the servers.

K-9 Mail

Unfortunately you have no other option than this. Thats what I could search for, if you have any other open source and free alternative then do share below in comments!

Their UI is pretty old, they also have a dark theme but thats not for what you use E-Mail client. You can set up aliases and also use OpenPGP encryption. >Edit: The Logo has been updated, here you see the old logo!

If you’re on desktop then you have several other options like Mozilla Thunderbird and Claws Mail.

Hangouts/Allo/Duo Alternative

If you are the old school guy that uses Hangouts or Allo or Duo then you need to switch instantly. Now, WhatsApp is no better, remember it’s owned by Facebook! For Sure you are going to miss Google Assistant, can’t do anything about that. Here are two alternatives that I recommend, you are also going to miss the UI.


Signal is a mobile app developed by Open Whisper Systems. The app provides instant messaging, as well as voice and video calling. All communications are end-to-end encrypted. Signal is free and open source, enabling anyone to verify its security by auditing the code. The development team is supported by community donations and grants. There are no advertisements, and it doesn’t cost anything to use.


Wire is an app developed by Wire Swiss GmbH. The Wire app allows users to exchange end-to-end encrypted instant messages, as well as make voice and video calls. Wire is free and open source, enabling anyone to verify its security by auditing the code.

I would recommend you to got for Signal, as it has better UI and developement is also getting better.

Google Drive Alternative

Dropbox, Onedrive, iCloud nothing is better than Google Drive. However iCloud is a good option but not the best. Remember Disroot, that we talked about above? They also provide cloud service, for free.

iCloud is not as bad as other services because Apple doesn’t collect that much of user data. It is almost all anonymous collection to improve their service.


I personally use Disroot service because I needed an ecosystem like Google Provides. They are using Next Cloud, which is completely open source and free. You can trust anything that uses Next Cloud. You can also browse your files on your Android using the NextCloud application from F-Droid.


Seafile offers 100 GB Storage for $10/month but also gives you the opportunity to host on your own server. Your data is stored in Germany or with Amazon Web Service in the US for the cloud version. They have an Android Client, although they assure you your Privacy, still I won’t recommend going with this.


This is something I would have gone for, it is completely open source and somewhat like Dropbox. This is only for Geeks, however you will find many Youtube tutorials on setting it up.

All the posts of this series is available here - Android without Google!

It has no limits on users or space. You’ll have to setup your own server or buy hosting from another provider and install it there and then use it remotely from anywhere.




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