Android without Google - Part 4 - Alternatives to Launcher, Contacts, Maps and Calendar

In this article you'll find alternatives to Launcher, Contacts, Maps and Calendar!

Android without Google

All the posts of this series is available here - Android without Google!

Alternatives for Launcher

It is a high chance that you’re using that bloated Google Launcher, it provides you quick access to some of the great features but that’s not worth your Privacy. If you’ve been using that Samsung’s Launcher TouchWiz then also I’d recommend you to switch.

Nova Launcher

Edit: I have now switched to KISS Launcher which is open-source and available on F-Droid and I’m lovin’ it! This is the first post where I am discussing about a non open-source launcher. This is also the launcher that I use. If you still have issues about Privacy then you can disable anonymous data collection or altogether disable it using a Firewall application!

You can always use a Firewall to restrict its access to the internet!

It is a very cool and customisable launcher, I use it because of its low ram usage. It uses less ram than the stock launcher, so I replaced it.

I tried to find some good launchers in F-Droid store and found some pretty good launchers but none of them was able to compete with Nova.

Emerald Launcher

You might consider this as an Nova alternative, it is a pretty good launcher. It is open-source, supports icon packs and has bunch of other settings. The mind blowing thing is that it is just around 100 KB. That screenshot is of course not of my device!

Alternative for Maps

A reader suggested me this, I don’t rely on Map Services but it seems that many do. So I am adding this to this post, the best Open-Source alternative to Google Maps is!

Alternative for Contacts

The best one that I could find for this is Davdroid! It simply works with NextCloud, so if you can then I’d recommend you to set up NextCloud otherwise you can also use Disroot Services which are powered by NextCloud.

Alternative for Calendar

Well, guess what? You already know this! Yes again its Davdroid, it also syncs your Calendar with NextCloud Server. So now you’ve got a bunch of reasons to use NextCloud, just start away! It provides you with Notes, Cloud, E-Mail, Tasks and many other services. If you can’t just set it up on your own then use Disroot! See my previous articles on this topics!

Still if you don’t want to use the stock Calendar application, then go with this one - Simple Calendar. As the name suggests, it is very simple and also has a dark theme! I really love dark.. web, book etc,.

All the posts of this series is available here - Android without Google!

That’s all with this part and this is the last part in which we’re discussing about replacing applications. In our next post we will discuss about other ways to further harden Android’s security.




    You didn't mention alternative for G Maps, is great! - Anonymous
    @Anonymous Thanks! for the suggestion, I'll add it to the list. - HorribleGeek

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