How I made Hugo as good as WordPress - Hugo is Awesome

Hugo was already awesome but then I went to the extent to customize my workflow and now writing posts in Hugo is as simple as doing it in WordPress.

Hugo is awesome!

It was a pain to write my posts in markdown and then push it. Now I write all my articles in a cool modern text editor and push it to GitLab, there Netlify comes and builds my site and the changes are live within a minute or two. also builds your site and publishes it to public folder.

This support is only available for Hugo and Jekyll.

Using makes it really very easy to publish new articles. I have a free account, which is enough for me. The support is awesome!

I bugged them for every issue I had and they responded everytime with the solution.

Overall I had a very good experience with Forestry. I am very happy leaving WordPress and Blogger behind.

My Workflow

  • I write posts on Forestry(Cross-Platform) / Atom(Mac) / iA Writer(Android)
  • I push the changes to GitLab
  • Netlify detects the changes and rebuilds my site.
  • My site is live within 2 minutes.

All I have to do the first step with and rest is automated. Huh… So static sites are not static anymore!

Static Sites with Super-Powers.

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