Hugo Is Awesome - GoodBye Blogger

From WordPress to Blogger to Hugo, It was Fun!

Hugo is Awesome!

Blogger was really cool, you get a nice UI and you start writing. Well, that was cool but what about all those content..? You don’t own them and they all belong to Google! There comes Hugo, this blog is setup on Github Pages with Hugo as generator and Cloudflare as CDN.

As of 19th January 2018, I migrated this blog to GitLab Pages and I’m lovin’ it.

I just wanted a faster and better blog, Hugo is simply Awesome! Writing blog posts is not as hard as you might think and also you will learn a lot if you are a newbie. Just look at a average Blogger site-

Blogger Site PageSpeed

Of course your site may not be this bad, nor was my blog. Still, it is simply Bulky.. I used a minimal theme with no other plugins still the scores were not that good and it used to take 4 seconds to load! What about this site..?

Hugo Site PageSpeed

That is freakin’ fast.. only 200ms to load and the site is also only 300 kb! All the requests are from my domain and 95% of the content is Image! Woah, that is only 5% of script. This is what I was looking for. Another reason to stay with Blogger was simplicity but that is not an issue once you get used to writing in Markdown.

Hugo is properly documented, you will learn everything just by reading the official documentation and also has a Huge community, you write posts in Markdown which is then converted to HTML by Hugo and you get a static site generated every time with just 4 characters “hugo”.

Writing Articles in Hugo

This is how I write my articles, wasn’t that cool? Markdown is also very easy to learn and customising Hugo is simply easy. Did you see how much time did the generation take..? Only 186ms, that is less than the time my site takes to load. Hugo is written in Go and supports multi-threading. You regenerate your whole site even for a small change. You can also see the changes locally before pushing them online by using “hugo server”.

Hugo also has a lot of themes for you, ranging from a Landing Page to a Blog you’ll get it all. Changing themes is also a piece of cake, you just have to change the name in config file and you have a whole new theme. No! That doesn’t mean that you will change your theme every 10 seconds, you can do that with Hugo!

Most importantly- You own your Content!

In this manner you can start your own blog for free. Just get a GitHub account > download Hugo > generate your site > push it to Github > configure Github Pages and you are all set.. your site is live!

If you want a custom domain then you’ll have to pay for that, That’s all! No more Charges, for better functionality use Cloudflare as a CDN and make it HTTPS! There are many other Static Site Generators like Jekyll but nothing is as fast as Hugo!

That’s it! Super fast and easy, no worries! I’ve used WordPress (Self-Hosted & .com both) and also Blogger but nothing seems as better than Hugo. I am going to write an series of articles on this topic, Hugo is Awesome!

PageSpeed Static Site

This was my new page load time after switching to a minimal theme! 95ms!




    Where do those performance screenshot come from? Thanks - Marco
    @Marco I use Pingdom and GTMetrix for this! - HorribleGeek

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