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Best Uncensored DNS Services - Google DNS is a big NO!

Congrats! if you are using Google’s DNS Servers and reading my articles! Well, they may provide you with better service but don’t forget its Google, everything is logged. DNS Services like Google DNS and Quad9 also have fancy ip address but that is of no matter if you are looking for your privacy. Choosing a good DNS Service is must for everything because going for wrong ones may also lock you out, if your ISP provided DNS blocks any websites you can check for it by visiting the IP Address of website.

Securing your Android - Using Firewall to restrict internet access

I was pretty much shocked to see very less articles on this topic, though there are many but all of them recommend No-Root Applications which simply create a VPN and restrict access. The Application that we will be talking about will require root access as it alters with your iptables, if you don’t have root access then go with this application which is the best I could find for non-root users.

Downloading Apps from Play Store without actually using it - Yalp Store

If you have been following my Guide to use Android without Google, then I’m sure you’ve been missing Play Store since long. Don’t be sad you can download Applications from Play Store without sending much of data to Google. I came to know about this from my friend Rad from Reddit. We were having a conversation, where we discussed about Yalp Store. The best thing is that this is available in the F-Droid repo and is completely open source.

[Guide] Flashing a Custom ROM on your Android using TWRP

Flashing Custom ROMs and Rooting using Recovery are one and the same thing, if you have read my article on Rooting your Android then go ahead and follow the same steps! Note: Flashing Custom ROMs and SuperSU using TWRP is one and the same. Also, flashing Custom ROMs and Recovery using ODIN are one and the same. You can go with any method, if you are a newbie or confused then continue reading…

[Guide] Rooting your Android Device - Everything you need to know!

Nowadays there is usually no need to root your Android if you already have a high end device but if your favourite applications require root access or you want to tweak your device to a whole new level you might want to root your Android. In this article we will be looking at the simplest method to root your device, which will be using a Custom Recovery - TWRP.

[Guide] Flashing a Custom ROM and Custom Recovery on Android using Odin/J-Odin

The one in the image above is Android’s Native Recovery! I have a low end Samsung device (SM-J110H), it was very hard to find a Custom ROM for this device. Infact it was impossible because I didn’t find any that was because there was not any available! I ended up flashing a Pre-Rooted ROM for my Stock ROM. After doing all that I again followed the process and removed all the Google Applications.

Space Time Bubble Theory

Hey everyone, I’m Shubh and this is my first post on Geek’s World! The Big Bang Theory says that all the matter and energy which we see around was concentrated at a single point which due to the Super Force expanded with a speed more than the speed of light(300000000 m/s). This gave rise to millions of stars and galaxies but the Big Bang Theory cannot clearly state the characteristics of Time and Space.

Android without Google - Part 6 - Completely ripping off Google, Uninstalling System Applications

All the posts of this series is available here - Android without Google! By now, if you have been following my posts then you have an Android device with all the Google Apps disabled. Now they are of no use to us, so why keep them on our device? We can completely remove all the applications, but you’ll need to root your device for that.

Android Without Google - Part 5 - Hardening your Security - Tor and VPN

All the posts of this series is available here - Android without Google! Tor for Android That’s all? Is it over? Are we completely secure now? No! using Android? You are never secure! We still have options to explore, have you heard something called Tor? This is the best explanation that I’ve found over internet. That is how Tor works, now can we route our Android traffic through tor?