How I added Share Icons to my Hugo Site - After every Article

That looks good right..? Yes it is Plain and Simple but adding those Huge Share Buttons on the sidebar with bulky codes won’t help either. If someone wants to share it then it won’t matter if it is Plain icons or Huge buttons! As anyone would do, I also went will other options like AddThis and ShareThis! Those were just loading that extra 100Kb of Script for actually no reason.

How I Implemented Comments on a Static Site - Static Site with Super-Powers

Hugo was really awesome but I had to look for a Comment System. Staticman and Remarkbox were great but this blog is hosted on GitLab’s Repo, so no Staticman support and Remarkbox was not that great option. I wanted something like Staticman, where I own the data. Using Disqus or anything else like that was not an option for me because I want to have my data and also I didn’t like that bulky js.

How I made Hugo as good as WordPress - Hugo is Awesome

It was a pain to write my posts in markdown and then push it. Now I write all my articles in a cool modern text editor and push it to GitLab, there Netlify comes and builds my site and the changes are live within a minute or two. also builds your site and publishes it to public folder. This support is only available for Hugo and Jekyll.

Switching from GitHub Pages to GitLab Pages with Hugo

GitHub Pages was really cool for my projects. I had a Student Developer Pack so Private Repositories was not an issue but that would have not been for too long, after 5-6 years I had to pay for it. After being with GitHub for a while I discovered GitLab, believe me it is awesome! First we will discuss about GitLab Pros over GitHub, then Cons over GitHub and then I will share how I am using GitLab Pages and my experience with GitLab Pages.

Hugo Is Awesome - GoodBye Blogger

Blogger was really cool, you get a nice UI and you start writing. Well, that was cool but what about all those content..? You don’t own them and they all belong to Google! There comes Hugo, this blog is setup on Github Pages with Hugo as generator and Cloudflare as CDN. As of 19th January 2018, I migrated this blog to GitLab Pages and I’m lovin’ it.