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Hate Google but Love Play Store..? Then this is for you!

Yalp Store

If you have been following my Guide to use Android without Google, then I’m sure you’ve been missing Play Store since long. Don’t be sad you can download Applications from Play Store without sending much of data to Google.

I came to know about this from my friend Rad from Reddit. We were having a conversation, where we discussed about Yalp Store. The best thing is that this is available in the F-Droid repo and is completely open source.

Yalp Store downloads .apk file from Google and lets you install it. Yalp Store uses its own login to download Apps, however you can use custom login option which is not advisable. The only thing Google gets to know is basic information about your device and other details which you can minimize by routing it through Tor.

Yalp Store also lets you know when the Application is dependent on Google Play Services, also whether it is Ad-Free or not and there are many other basic features. You can even update your applications but please check them while updating, sometimes you may downgrade too! This happened in my case when I was looking to update an Application.

Yalp Store Bug

It was updating this application from 3.3.2 to 3.0.0, there are some error but overall this is something good that you can use without missing those Applications and is actually safe than using a 3rd Party Sites to download Apk and run.

Be careful before downloading or updating your Applications, always check your version and the update version and also the Description! Also another great feature is Delta Update which means that only the changes will be downloaded when updating applications, something that Play Store does.

That’s all, Yalp is indeed a great alternative but if you know something better then do share it with us! Also, if you missed my series of posts on Using Android without Google then I’d recommend you to check it out once!




    I love Delta Updates from Yalp! - Unknown

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